Radical Self Care

Self-care: a form of radical activism and self-preservation

While massage, exercise, meditation, nutrition, saunas, steam rooms, and soaking have been practiced forms of self-care for centuries, there is a more recent, radical application of the term self-care.

Radical self-care is the practice of taking time to care for oneself, regardless of cultural norms. It is an intentional practice that prioritizes our physical and psychological well-being by carving out the necessary space we need to process, reflect, and grow. An intentional practice that supports us through the daily challenges of life and the many forms of oppression that one may face on their unique journey. It’s a way to preserve our cultural and spiritual identity, sort through our emotions, heal safely, and strengthen our sense of self in order to live our most authentic life.

Radical self-care is the act of creating time and space to care for the many complex components that make us human, easing the challenges of our journey. So, here’s to all your radical self-care efforts, Rainwater Wellness is here to support you.