The benefits of dry brushing

You’ve probably seen dry brushes for sale at your local grocery store, drug store, or health food store. They’re those wood-handled, natural, soft-bristly brushes that you breeze past because they may, at a glance, simply look like a very ineffective hairbrush.

Dry brushing is an ancient practice found across many cultures. For example, it’s been reported that ancient Egyptians used dry brushing along with sour milk and wine for exfoliation. Now, we’re not suggesting you dip into your milk and wine stash for your personal exfoliation practice, but we think these reported benefits are worth incorporating this ancient practice into your self-care routine:

Dry Brushes used in treatment enhancements at Rainwater Wellness Spa
Ancient Egyptian Dry Brushing


Once or twice a week before showering, dry brushing can aid in the removal of dry, dead skin cells. Be careful not to use on irritated skin, sensitive skin, or open wounds. Followed with a shower and moisturizer, your skin will be left soft and glowing.


Gently brush arms and legs with brush strokes towards the heart. Before your morning shower, dry brushing can help stimulate circulation leaving you feeling invigorated and ready for the day.

Lymphatic stimulation

As mentioned above for circulation, gently brush arms and legs towards the heart for lymphatic stimulation. This is a very gentle treatment that may help relieve symptoms of lymphedema.

At Rainwater Wellness, we offer dry brushing as an enhancement to your massage treatments to further support your self-care efforts. Your massage therapist will integrate dry brushing of arms, legs, and back into your session, then we’ll pack your brush up for you to take home so you can add this treatment to your personal self-care routine.